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Be a part of something big. Help us help others. Help create this app.


The New Year Brings More Than New Hopes

Welcome Everyone, Jess here!  Happy New Year!

With the ending of 2013 comes the hope of a successful year in which we plan to have our Kickstarter video posted as soon as January 4th (unless the snowstorm causes buildings to close) in which case we will Have it posted no later then Tuesday, January 7th (Keep an eye out for our video!).

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who made our Kickstarter video possible.

Thanks so much to:

James Russell DeMello – Videographer/photographer
Hermano DaSilva –¬†Videographer/photographer
Hampton Inn New Bedford/Fairhaven – Kerrie Burrer
Catherine Morrette – mother
Derek Pedro – father
Lillyani Alvarado – baby (and her mother Amber Rose Devaney)
Kiara Rodriguez – Nurse (and her mother Stephanie Tavares)

And my partner, CHARLES VROOM!!!

Thank you all for your support during this process. We are so lucky to have such great friends.


On a different note, I’d like to wish my grandmother Martha Santos peace in Heaven as she has just passed away this December 19. I hope you rest well Grammy.

She was one of my biggest supports on this journey to create ComfortConnect and her passing will only strengthen my determination to create something that will help others in a time of need.

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!


-ComfortConnect Team


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